Monitor Prices Might Be Going Up Due to LCD Display Shortage Worsened by Earthquakes, Power Outages

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Ready to pay even more for that overpriced gaming monitor? Following reports of a general display shortage stemming from surging demand, DigiTimes has revealed that major LCD panel manufacturer AUO was struck by an earthquake in Taiwan last week, which crippled some of its production lines and reduced output significantly.

Coincidentally, Japan’s Nippon Electric Glass (NEG) suffered from a power outrage affecting its supply of glass substrates, an integral component of LCD displays. While both companies are busy assessing the damages, this seems to be a clear recipe for increased monitor pricing.

“The shortage of LCD panels has worsened after a strong earthquake struck northeastern Taiwan and a power outage hit glass substate supplier Nippon Electric Glass (NEG) in Japan recently, according to Paul Peng, chairman of AU Optronics (AUO),” DigiTimes reported.

The events seem particularly ill-timed in light of a story from last week that suggested LCD panel prices would rise as much as 20 percent in the current quarter.

“Previously PC makers complained about shortages of components like T-con boards and driver ICs, which drove display costs up,” Tom’s Hardware noted in its coverage. “With extra disruptions in shipments of panels and glass substrates, the situation will only get worse and the supply chain will become even more convoluted.”

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