Intel’s 11th Gen Core Rocket Lake and Comet Lake Refresh Lineup Leaks, 8C/16T Core i9-11900 Tested

Image: Intel

Chinese tech site ijiandao (via harukaze5719) has shared the entire purported lineup of Intel’s 11th Gen Core processors. They comprise thirteen Rocket Lake S processors headlined by the 8C/16T Core i9-11900K, as well as an identical number of Comet Lake refreshes comprising Core, Pentium, and Celeron SKUs.

Previous rumors suggest that the Core i9-11900K and Core i9-11900 will feature all-core boost clocks of 4.8 GHz and 3.8 GHz, respectively. While ijiandao’s charts don’t echo that nor any other information pertaining to clock speeds, they do suggest that the Rocket Lake S lineup will range from 125 watts to 35 watts in TDP. These chips also feature iGPUs based on Intel’s newer Xe graphics architecture with 32 to 24 execution units (256 to 192 cores).

The Comet Lake S refreshes, unsurprisingly, feature the current lineup’s UHD 630 integrated graphics with 24 to 12 execution units (192 to 96 cores). Their TDP values range from 65 watts to 35 watts. There are five Core i3 models, five Pentium models, and three Celeron models.

Early benchmarks for the Core i9-11900 models have also been spotted by HXL and OneRaichu. According to Wccftech’s coverage, the K variant is around 2 percent faster than its Core i9-10900K predecessor in terms of single-core performance (597.3 points vs. 584 points). It’s also 7 percent faster than the Core i7-10700K in this respect (597.3 points vs. 558 points).

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