LG Reportedly Releasing 83-Inch 4K OLED TV and Brighter OLED Panels in 2021

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Image: LG

LG currently sells 48-, 55-, 65-, and 77-inch versions of its 4K OLED TVs, but according to a new rumor from AVCesar, the Korean display giant is prepping an even bigger 4K panel for release sometime in 2021 that measures in at 83 inches. LG actually produces an OLED that’s already bigger than that—the 88-inch 8K SIGNATURE ZX—but the new addition should be welcome for users who haven’t been suckered into 7680 × 4320p yet.

AVCesar also reported that LG would be unveiling new “high luminosity” OLED TV panels next year. As the description might imply, these cutting-edge displays will boast higher brightness levels of around 1,000 nits, which is certainly an improvement over what the current models are capable of. (According to Rtings’ tests, the LG CX’s real scene peak brightness is only around 685 nits.)

FlatpanelsHD’s sources have more to add, noting that these panels will boast higher brightness by leveraging a new element. “We have heard it described as 20% brighter (full white screen),” the author wrote. “It is another development of LG Display’s OLED technology that is not related to the 83-inch panel. We have not been able to independently confirm the information so please consider it a rumor for now.”

Unfortunately, there is still no indication of when (or if) LG will finally make a gamble on cutting smaller OLED panels for use in PC monitors. Being that the monitor market is much smaller than the TV market, we’re not holding our breath, but we love to talk about the possibility because it’s currently the closest thing to an endgame for many display enthusiasts. While burn-in might be a concern, it would be a relief to finally buy a monitor without having to worry about things like clouding and backlight bleed. Having perfect black levels would be great, too.

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