Lady Gaga Could Star in a Bayonetta Movie

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Image: Platinum Games

There seems to be no shortage of Hollywood projects despite the pandemic. One such project is a potential Bayonetta movie, and one of its most popular fans could be up for the lead role. Daniel Ritchman (via Giant Freakin Robot) is reporting that Lady Gaga could land the role. She’s a big fan of the games and has even done a music video inspired by them with Ariana Grande. Considering her growing acting resume and unique style, the rumor is believable.

The franchise comprises two action hack & slash games (with a third on the way) developed by Platinum Games and published by Sega. The first game was directed by Hideki Kamiya of Resident Evil and Devil May Cry fame. Here’s a brief synopsis and trailer for the first game for those who aren’t familiar with it. Seeing the character in action shows how Lady Gaga could be a perfect fit.

Bayonetta. The last survivor of an ancient witch clan who keeps the balance between light, dark, and chaos. Entombed to protect herself – and the world as we know it – Bayonetta is discovered and revived after 500 years, sparking a chain of events with cataclysmic repercussions.

Thrust straight into battle, with only one clue to her past, Bayonetta must discover the truth and fight for the future. Her daunting conquest sees her face off against countless angelic enemies and giant foes in a game of 100% pure action.

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