Open-World Star Wars Game in Development by Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment (The Division)

Image: Lucasfilm

Ubisoft and Lucasfilm Games have announced that a new story-driven, open-world Star Wars game is in development by the studio that gave us The Division and The Division 2, Massive Entertainment. There aren’t a lot of details about the game at the moment, but we do know that it’ll be powered by the studio’s cutting-edge Snowdrop engine, which enables huge, beautifully rendered environments.

“The vast Star Wars lore is an incredible source of inspiration for our teams,” said co-founder and CEO of Ubisoft Yves Guillemot. “This is the beginning of a long-term collaboration with Disney and Lucasfilm Games, and we are pleased to be working hand-in-hand to build upon the incredible legacy of Lucasfilm to create a game that we know Star Wars fans will love.”

“This is a lore that we love, and we want to do it justice with a game and story that bring both lifelong and new fans on an immersive and outstanding journey that will stay with them for years,” added Massive’s Julian Gerighty.

You can check out an interview with Gerighty and Massive’s managing director David Polfeldt at the official Ubisoft site, in which they discuss their collaboration with Lucasfilm Games and enthusiasm for the Star Wars franchise. At one point, Gerighty seems to suggest that the game might be heavily character driven, which means we could be dealing with an RPG.

“[…] we want to make it a unique game in the saga with a captivating story and set of characters that players can relate to and connect with,” Gerighty noted. “We want to take what is familiar and resonant about Star Wars and tell the stories of new characters who have their own motivations and stakes.”

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