Image: RTFKT

Popular hardware manufacturer NZXT and collectible company Artifact Studios (RTFKT) have teamed up to produce one of strangest hybrid products we’ve ever seen: a miniature PC built in the form of a sneaker. While we’re not completely convinced that the shoe comprises a fully working system, there does appear to be some genuine hardware on the inside as well as the outside, such as a pair of NZXT Kraken LCD displays. A huge graphics card ornament on the midsole also suggests that the sneaker PC is powered by an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080.

“We’re super excited to announce a partnership with @NZXT, empowering RTFKT and our creators community to create the future of fashion and collectibles , powering our vision, community and crazy ideas with their awesome builds and love of gaming,” the virtual sneakers and collectible company tweeted.

“RTFKT /ˈɑːtɪfakt/ is a collective of creators merging worlds of gaming and craftsmanship to create virtual and physical next-gen collectible sneakers for the best esports, gaming and entertainment celebrities,” a blurb on the company’s website reads.

You can check out a teaser video of the interesting fusion between hardware and fashion below. Would you wear them if they were actual shoes?

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