id Software Working on New VR Game

Australia’s official classification site has revealed that id Software is working on a new VR title called PROJECT 2021A. While the page is unsurprisingly sparse on details, the listing does confirm that the title will feature “high impact violence” and “online interactivity,” which seems to suggest that the name could be a placeholder for some sort of new virtual reality DOOM experience that follows closely on the heels of DOOM VFR.

id Software released DOOM VFR back in the fall of 2017 for PlayStation VR and VIVE platforms. A spin-off of the 2016 reboot, DOOM VFR places players into the boots of a “cybernetic survivor” who has to survive against waves of demons in a series of mostly unoriginal combat arenas.

“Set shortly after the demonic invasion on the UAC’s Martian research facility, you are the last known human survivor – until your death,” a game description reads. “Under a top-secret UAC operational contingency protocol, your consciousness is transferred to an artificial brain matrix. Your designated purpose: restore operational stability and use any means necessary to stop the onslaught of demons.”

You can check out a trailer for DOOM VFR below. Assuming that id Software’s new PROJECT 2021A title does play similarly to this, it might want to reinvent things a bit, as DOOM VFR received some pretty poor reviews due to its relatively poor graphics, short length, and recycled content.

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