Cooler Master Unveils Open-Air PC Case, First In-House PSU, and More in Virtual Showcase

Images: Cooler Master

Popular hardware manufacturer Cooler Master has launched its virtual catalog of 2021 products, which comprises new cases, cooling fans, power supplies, peripherals, and more. One of the items that caught our attention is the MasterFrame 700, a $169 open-air PC case that seems perfect for enthusiasts who want to show off their system’s internals in a unique form factor. Thanks to an alternate mode, the MasterFrame is also ideal for use as a test bench.

“The MasterFrame 700 is a highly customizable open-air frame that can easily convert between a showstopping showcase PC chassis or a highly flexible test bench,” Cooler Master wrote. “With a 3-part design, every part of the MasterFrame 700 is deliberately engineered for a reason – whether it’s the side wings that localize airflow in test bench mode, or optimized spacing that allows for an unrivaled level of hardware compatibility – including specially designed water-cooling support.”

Cooler Master has also introduced its first in-house power supply, the XG Plus Series. This is a $159.99 to $179.99 PSU that features a built-in RGB display panel for real-time visual monitoring of variables such as temperature, fan speed, and power consumption. The XG Plus Series is fully modular and 80 PLUS Platinum certified.

“The XG Plus lineup of power supplies is the first platform designed entirely in-house by our talented engineers,” a description reads. “Built for high-end performance and efficiency with reduced temperature requirements, the XG Plus series also features several quality-of-life upgrades to ensure convenient installation and monitoring.”

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