Konami Undergoes Major Organizational Restructuring, Three Divisions to Be Dissolved

Image: Konami

Japanese gaming giant Konami has undergone a major organizational restructuring that will result in three of its production divisions (“Production Division 1,” “Production Division 2,” and “Production Division 3”) being dissolved on February 1. The restructuring has prompted rumors of Konami shutting down its video gaming business, but industry insiders have been quick to reassure fans that the company is merely consolidating its divisions to better meet market demands.

“[…] no, Konami is NOT shutting down their gaming division,” Nibel tweeted after breaking the news. “They probably have NOT sold their IPs to a company you like more than them either. I get the frustration with how Konami handles their gaming business these days, but that company is bigger than people think.”

“Correct,” responded game industry analyst Daniel Ahmad. “It’s just a restructure similar to the one they did in 2015. Essentially they want to have teams focused on growth areas of the industry.”

Konami has lost a bit of clout in the gaming industry ever since it parted ways with Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima and decided to focus on lesser-hyped properties (e.g., Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pro Evolution Soccer) and alternative businesses such as trading cards and pachinko machines. The company still owns plenty of powerhouse IPs, however, such as Silent Hill, which is supposedly getting a reboot.

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