Cyberpunk 2077 Gets Official Modding Support Tools


CD PROJEKT RED has released official modding support tools that aim to make it easier for more technically inclined Cyberpunk 2077 players to delve deeper into the intricacies of the sci-fi RPG’s RED Engine and build upon the base experience of Night City. The set comprises metadata files, an ArchiveDump executable for listing contents of game data archives, and a TweakDump executable for listing contents of game Tweak DB (game settings) libraries.

The release of official modding support tools seems like a nice gesture that solidifies CD PROJEKT RED’s intent to support the modding community and its interest in reverse-engineering parts of the game, but some critics have labeled this as nothing more than a PR stunt. That’s because these tools (or, at least, the level of modification that they enable) were already released by the community weeks ago soon after the game’s launch. As evidenced by NexusMods’ Cyberpunk 2077 page, which includes as many as 769 entries, modders have already put in a ton of creative work with improvements ranging from better vehicle handling to appearance customizations.

It isn’t clear how CD PROJEKT RED’s official modding support tools might help the current modding community, but you can check out the files below. “[…] you will find official tools and resources that will help you modify and create your own experiences in the world of Cyberpunk 2077,” CD PROJEKT RED wrote. “Tools will be continuously updated alongside with game patches to ensure compatibility. Before downloading and diving in, please make sure you have read the Licence Agreement.”

Cyberpunk 2077 Modding Support Tools

ToolDescriptionSizeVersionRelease DateLinks
MetadataPer game release, required by some of the tools22 kB1.1.02021/01/26Download
ArchiveDumpA utility for listing contents of game data archives29 MB1.0.42021/01/26Download
TweakDumpA utility for listing contents of game Tweak DB (game settings) binaries64 kB1.1.92021/01/26Download
TweakDB IDsA list of IDs of Tweak DB entries. Generated using TweakDump and tweakdb.str metadata

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