Matrix 4 Title Reportedly Leaked

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Warner Bros.’ upcoming Matrix sequel will reportedly be called Matrix Resurrections. The alleged subtitle comes from Instagram user love_lana_wachowski, who shared a now-deleted post from a makeup artist working on the fourth installment. As a copy uploaded by NeoMatrixology shows, the video includes footage of a thank you card signed by director Lana Wachowski and producer James McTeigue that lists the complete title of the heavily anticipated sci-fi film starring franchise veterans Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss. 

“I’ll avoid spoilers, but I’ll tell the story,” wrote an r/matrix user. “An Instagram user called love_lana_wachowski shared a post by a makeup artist from the Matrix 4. She was showing off a wrap gift from the studio/Lana for working on Mx4. It looked to be a suit coat with Matrix code on the inner lining. Love Lana then shared a picture from the makeup are that with the coat and a thank you card bearing the subtitle.”

“Without any way to pull up the original post and verify the name, we’re taking that one with a huge boulder of salt, but it’s certainly plausible,” Engadget noted in its coverage. “It’s so plausible that Slashfilm used almost the exact same title in an April Fool’s post in 2009. Still, with stars like Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne-Moss returning from the fates shown in earlier movies, it certainly fits, but who knows if it’s real or just something whipped up by a forum posted in between stonk trades.”

A fourth installment of the popular Matrix franchise was announced by Warner Bros. back in August 2019. The studio has remained tight lipped on the film, but what we do know is that Matrix fans who aren’t interested in a trip to the cinema will be able to enjoy the movie on streaming service HBO Max when it debuts on December 22. Warner Bros. reminded film aficionados of this with a new trailer glorifying same-day premieres last week, which included a Matrix logo near the end of it.

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