Rumor: AMD Considering Samsung for Additional APU/GPU Production

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Image: AMD

AMD is reportedly considering tapping Samsung to manufacture some of its future APUs and/or GPUs. The rumor comes from an established leaker on South Korea’s CLIEN forum, who noted that red team is eager to secure additional production volume beyond what TSMC can provide. Considering all of those reports about Apple buying up tons of capacity, there might be some truth behind this one.

“Currently, AMD wants to increase production capacity 50 percent or more, but increasing capacity is difficult for TSMC,” reads a machine translation of the leaker’s post shared by harukaze5719. “So, there is a rumor AMD is considering to dualize some of APU/GPU lines to Samsung internally.”

“TSMC is not dealing only with AMD, but big customer such as Apple. Especially, negotiations of next-gen capacity were also pushed back by Apple. Because of this, AMD is discussing which is more profitable, the cost of designing for Samsung process or revenue problem due to product shortage.”

If AMD does end up employing Samsung for some of its future Radeon graphics cards, it would be taking a page out of NVIDIA, which took a gamble on the South Korean manufacturer for its Ampere generation of products. Recent reports suggest that green team has extended its agreement with Samsung to continue producing GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs.

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