NVIDIA Schedules GTC 2021 for April 12 to 16

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NVIDIA has announced that this year’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) will be held from April 12 to 16. The annual event brings together experts from across the industry to explore and discuss aspects of computing technology’s involvement in wide variety of areas. The keynote will be held by CEO and founder Jensen Huang on April 12. Other speakers include Kim Libreri, CTO of Epic Games; Rene Haas, President and IPG of Arm; and Kate Kallot, Head of Emerging Areas for NVIDIA.

Last year’s event was delayed due to coronavirus and turned into a virtual event, during which NVIDIA revealed its Ampere architecture. Since then, the effects of the pandemic have been felt in every technological sector. It’s sure to play a factor in discussions at GTC 2021 as well. You can request to be notified for free registration here and gain free access to both live and recorded sessions, interactive panels, technical sessions, and more. The DLI training workshop costs $249. Those who register by the April 16 deadline will have access to GTC 2021 content for one month after the event.

Peter Brosdahl
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