This NVIDIA GeForce RTX-Powered Laptop Has Seven Screens

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Images: Expanscape

London-based hardware company Expanscape is working on a prototype notebook called the Aurora 7 that has not one, not two, but seven screens. Whether that’s overkill or not is for you to decide, but the team behind the one-of-a-kind laptop appears to be making some steady progress in its effort to launch a commercial product.

Targeting the DevOps, SecOps, cybersecurity, and stock trading communities, the Aurora 7 M3 (third iteration) will feature either an AMD 3950X or Intel i9-10900K processor, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 graphics card (which might be bumped up to an RTX 2080 depending on power considerations), 128 GB of DDR4 memory (2,933 MHz), and various 2 TB NVMe SSDs. Two of the screens are 4K, while the rest are Full HD. There’s also a pair of mini displays.

We couldn’t find a video that demonstrates how the Aurora 7 and its various screens fold closed, but Expanscape did upload a gallery of photos to its website proving that the laptop can do just that. You can check out how the laptop transitions in the image grid below.

“The Aurora 7 goes through several transitions in order to realise the fully opened position revealing all 7 screens,” Expanscape wrote. “This also allows it to be folded down quickly to facilitate travel. The design demonstrated utility and function in real world usage on first attempt however there are several improvements that will feature in our next gen prototypes, the A7 M3, A7 Extreme, A5 13 and A5 15.”

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