Samsung Reportedly Launching Its First QD-OLED TV Next Year

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Image: Samsung

Samsung will reportedly launch its first QD (Quantum Dot) OLED televisions in early 2022. The rumor comes from Korea IT News, which published a story regarding an agreement made between the presidents of Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display that will result in the commercialization of the latter’s first QD-OLED products. According to FlatpanelsHD’s coverage, the technology differs from LG’s through its use of blue OLEDs in combination with quantum dots.

“Samsung Electronics plans to receive ‘QD (Quantum Dot) display panels from Samsung Display next year while Samsung Display will extend its supply of LCDs to Samsung Electronics,” the publication explained. “The agreement was reached as Samsung Electronics needs a supply of LCDs while Samsung Display needs a customer for its QD display panels. What is more special about the agreement is that President Han Jong-hee at Samsung Electronics and President Choi Joo-seon of Samsung Display are all in on the agreement.”

“Samsung Display chose QD display as its next-generation large display technology. As the LCD market is facing changes due to it being a ‘red ocean,’ the company has decided to turn the direction of its large display technology to QD and invest $11.7 billion (13.1 trillion KRW) in construction of QD display production plant and research and development (R&D) until 2025.”

Samsung’s QD-OLED TV technology has been on a slow but steady road. We initially learned that the display giant was serious about the tech back in October 2019 when The Korea Herald reported that the company would be transitioning away from LCDs and investing 13.1 trillion won (around $11.7 billion) into quantum dot OLED displays. More recently, Business Korea revealed that Samsung’s QD-OLED TV prototypes had begun shipping out to Sony and Panasonic for testing.

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