Borderlands 3 Director’s Cut Launching March 18

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Image: 2K Games

2K Games has announced that the director’s cut of Gearbox Software’s extremely successful looter-shooter threequel, Borderlands 3, will be released on March 18. Available individually or as part of Season Pass 2, the Director’s Cut add-on introduces new missions, end-game content, and behind-the-scenes extras that aren’t available in the standard version of the game, such as murder mystery missions, daily and weekly challenges, and a brand-new raid boss.

“The add-on features an enticing variety of content, but the headline act is its brand new raid boss: Hemovorous the Invincible, an absolutely titanic Varkid lurking behind a door on Pandora that’s been locked since Borderlands 3 launched,” 2K explained in a press release. “Only the fiercest big game hunters have a chance of kicking her chitinous butt in the pursuit of top-tier loot. Better consider your tactics, refine your build, and bring some friends. Oh, and be ready to get caked in Varkid guts — it’s going to get messy!”

“Director’s Cut also includes a series of murder mystery missions, featuring brand new locations and a novel crime scene analysis mechanic. Ava is convinced she has a lead on some potentially supernatural slayings and has decided to document her findings in serialized podcast form. Consider yourself her gun-toting co-host as you investigate strange happenings on Pandora, Promethea, Eden-6, and Nekrotafeyo in search of answers (and loot), with help from some familiar faces. Eagle-eyed Vault Hunters may even uncover teasers, hints, and secrets that tie back to the main story.”

Borderlands 3’s Director’s Cut add-on also grants access to three Vault Cards, which can leveled up via daily/weekly challenges and redeemed for a massive cache of themed loot, such as cosmetics and powerful gear. Additionally, Borderlands 3 owners who upgrade to the Director’s Cut can enjoy a peek into the development of the game via behind-the-scenes content.

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