AMD Ryzen 5000 Series CPUs and 500 Series Motherboards Have Abnormally High Failure Rates, Suggests PowerGPU

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Image: AMD

AMD Ryzen 5000 Series processors and 500 Series motherboards reportedly have a higher than average failure rate. That’s according to custom gaming PC shop PowerGPU, which shared a tweet yesterday explaining how it had encountered a relatively high amount of Zen 3 processors that were dead on arrival. Contrastingly, PowerGPU noted that it only ran into one dead Intel CPU (an i9-9700K) over the course of its business.

“Before the 5000 series it was 80% intel and 20% AMD and we only had 1 Intel CPU die in the past 2 years,” Power GPU tweeted. “Also the boards from AMD have the highest failure rate. Every week it’s at least 3-5 boards DOA from B550 to X570’s.”

PowerGPU’s claims have already stirred a bit of controversy, as enthusiasts have argued that such a high failure rate would have been more widely reported among other shops and the general hardware community already. harukaze5719 has also injected a bit of doubt into the allegations.

“I asked custom DIY PC builder in Korea about this issue,” he tweeted. “They responded ‘that number is ridiculous. Not only are there too few samples, and the defect report is a single digit here.’ The person I asked for an answer to is a small company that build PC 100 units per month, and he is not a person to lie. Therefore, it is still insufficient to use as an objective basis. I’m planning to organize AMD CPU/MB issue post from Korean community.”

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