Viking Survival Game Valheim Sells 2 Million Copies In Less Than Two Weeks

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Image: Iron Gate AB

Indie developer Iron Gate AB has announced that its new viking survival game, Valheim, has managed to sell 2 million copies in less than two weeks despite being an early access title. The impressive achievement was noted in a news post on the official Steam page, which also pointed out that Valheim reached a new peak concurrent player milestone of 360,000.

“Forget longboats, we have now blown a 700+ year old record by boasting the largest Viking population in all of human history,” the developer wrote. “For reference, the previous peak in Viking numbers was set in 1300 AD and was approximately 500,000.”

“Everyone at Iron Gate has really been appreciating all the messages, love, questions and thoughts from all of you, so please keep them coming! And again, a big thank you to all of you for helping us reach this ridiculous milestone in under two weeks of sailing onto Early Access.”

Released on February 2, 2021, Valheim is a “brutal” exploration and survival game that places players into the boots of a viking warrior in a massive, procedurally generated purgatory comprising forests to snow-capped mountains. Challenges include exploration, crafting, and building strongholds/outposts, the latter of which has been hugely popular. Valheim also features a co-op PvE mode that supports up to 10 players.

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