LG Increasing 48-Inch OLED TV Panel Production to 1 Million Units in 2021 Due to Rising Popularity with Gamers

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Image: LG

LG is planning to increase the production of its 48-inch OLED panels to 1 million units in 2021. The news comes from Korean outlet Chosun, which reported that the electronics giant has set up a new line in its Paju factory (Gyeonggi Province, South Korea) that will focus on producing these smaller-sized panels specifically. LG is said to have manufactured only around 220,000 48-inch OLED panels last year.

“At the factory in Guangzhou, China, which was in charge of producing 48-inch panels, it produced two large 77-inch panels from one glass plate, and additionally produced two 48-inch panels,” Chosun explained. “In contrast, the Paju plant plans to maximize production by printing only eight 48-inch panels per sheet of glass.”

“When LG Electronics first released a 48-inch TV aimed at gamers in June last year, the market reaction was skeptical. The dominant forecast was that buyers would choose large LCD TVs if they had money to buy medium-sized OLED TVs. However, contrary to expectations, medium-sized TVs with game-specific features, such as preventing the game screen from being cut off, gained popularity among gamers.”

As Chosun noted, LG’s 48-inch CX OLED TV has grown increasingly popular with users who are seeking the ultimate in visual quality but in a display that features a smaller footprint. Gamers who have a deeper desk may just want to spring for the 55-inch model, however, as it can typically be found at a cheaper price. LG is also expected to release an even smaller, 42-inch OLED TV later this year.

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