Image: id Software

DOOM Eternal has generated more than $450 million in revenue for id Software in just nine months. As spotted by PCGamesN, the impressive figure comes from the LinkedIn page of former product management lead at id Software David Saunders, who noted that the game was a primary focus for him and the company.

Record-breaking digital sales were noted back in March 2020. The game’s digital launch sales were triple that of its predecessor, DOOM (2016). The previous game had sold roughly 957,000 units during its first month, while DOOM Eternal managed over 3 million.

This is impressive because DOOM Eternal does not have microtransactions or loot boxes. The only other points of revenue comes from some optional DLC. Publishers and developers should pay attention to this, as players have made their voices known with such sales numbers.

All of this is a driving factor for another DOOM sequel, which could feature a female Doom Slayer. If id Software is able to maintain similar levels of quality while keeping players and fans engaged, it too should break sales records.

Peter Brosdahl

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