Microsoft Testing Updated Xbox Game Streaming App

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Image: Microsoft

An unreleased xCloud app for Windows that shows profiles for the Xbox Series X|S consoles has been spotted. Presently, users have been restricted to older consoles for streaming to their PCs, but this new app should change that. It also allows xCloud streaming to Windows PCs for the first time. There also seems to be a number of other new features in development.

Engadget reports that one new feature is touch and gyro support, as found on the Microsoft Surface and other tablets. Another possibility is higher player counts and a display resolution increase from 720p to 1080p. Windows Central has shared an image of Hellblade being tested at 1080p, which looks pretty good. The Xbox Series X|S consoles have SSD options, so a user would only need adequate bandwidth to stream their favorite games at a higher resolution.

Image: Windows Central

Microsoft has not publicly announced these upgrades yet, but the company may be planning to do so at an “What’s New for Gaming” event on March 23.

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