Forever Entertainment to Develop Multiple Remakes Based on Square Enix IP

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Image: Square Enix/Forever Entertainment

Forever Entertainment has won the privilege of creating several game remakes based on an undisclosed intellectual property owned by Japanese RPG giant Square Enix. The Poland-based publisher confirmed the collaboration in a press release uploaded today, which noted that the remasters would feature updated visuals but remain faithful to their counterparts. Forever Entertainment will receive more than 50 percent of the revenue earned from these titles.

“The purpose of the contract is to create and release several game remakes based on one IP owned by Square Enix Japan,” a machine translation of the press release reads. “The name of this IP will be made public in a separate report once the global marketing campaign begins. Remakes of all games will feature new visuals, but the gameplay and scenario will remain the same as the original version. Exact release dates for all games will be communicated in separate ongoing reports.”

“Acquiring classic IPs and creating new productions or remakes on their basis is one of the important directions of the Company’s development, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by the success of Panzer Dragoon: Remake. The company will cover the costs related to the implementation of the above agreement from its own funds.”

As noted above, Forever Entertainment is the publisher behind the well-received remake of Sega’s classic 1995 rail shooter, Panzer Dragoon, which was released for Steam on September 2020. It isn’t clear which of Square Enix’s IPs Forever Entertainment will be working on, but one of the more interesting theories seems to be Parasite Eve.

Tsing Mui
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