Samsung Announces Updated Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor with Quantum MiniLED Display Technology, Smaller Micro LED TVs, and More

Image: Samsung

Samsung will be introducing a new Odyssey G9 gaming monitor this year that features Quantum MiniLED display technology. The Korean giant announced the news in a press release published today, which confirmed that the new model would also feature premium gaming features and a 1000R screen curvature. Samsung’s current Odyssey G9 lineup comprises 5120×1440 and 3840×1080 models with 49-inch QLED displays.

“In 2020, the Odyssey G9 gaming monitor generated a lot of buzz—this year, Samsung is leveling up the experience with a Quantum MiniLED display and premium gaming features,” the company confirmed. “The 1000R screen curvature, combined with Quantum MiniLED display technology, gives gamers an experience unlike any other. The new G9 joins Samsung’s full lineup of curved and flat Odyssey gaming monitors.”

Samsung didn’t have any more to say about its new Odyssey G9 gaming monitor with Quantum MiniLED display technology, but the company did tease a number of its other products planned for 2021. These include new, smaller Micro LED TVs that will be available in 110- and 99-inch sizes, as well as Neo QLED TVs with updated gaming features.

“In order to further deliver optimized gaming performance to the 2021 Samsung Neo QLED and QLED line, Samsung has also partnered with AMD to develop the first TV with Freesync Premium Pro support for both PC and console games to deliver a truly exceptional HDR gaming experience,” Samsung wrote. “Additionally, Samsung’s new Game Bar helps players quickly monitor critical aspects of play. You can use it to access Samsung’s Super Ultrawide Gameview, which brings ultra-wide aspect ratios—traditionally only available on gaming monitors—to the TV.”

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