The Climb 2 Now Available for Oculus Quest VR Headsets

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Image: Crytek

The Climb 2 is now available for the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2. Players can scale skyscrapers, mountains, and cliffs in single-player missions or with others in asynchronous multiplayer modes. There are over 15 maps to explore, including cityscapes where players can zipline between buildings and use suction pads to ascend skyscrapers. The game also features dynamic objects such as ladders, hanging objects, and ropes to swing from place to place. Sliding grips have been added to the risk vs. reward system, in which players compete for the best times. By sliding, you can increase your speed as you leap to your destination.

VR is simply an amazing way to experience the adrenaline of climbing without ropes, and The Climb 2 builds out the core experience of the original game with new routes, new features, and a brand new urban environment. Dynamic objects bring an exciting new dimension to gameplay, and, in a first for a Crytek game, we’re proud to partner with Red Bull, who share our passion for action sports. The team has worked hard to push the graphics even further, increasing the feeling of presence in VR. Just wait until you look down… – Fatih Özbayram, Executive Producer

The Climb 2 is available for $29.99 here, and for a limited time, there’s a bundle including the first game on sale for $39.99. The install size for The Climb 2 is 4.21 GB.

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