Xbox Edge Browser Update Enables PC Game Streaming via GeForce NOW and Google Stadia

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Image: Microsoft

Xbox consoles are getting an Edge browser update that will allow users to stream and play PC games via various services such as Google Stadia and NVIDIA GeForce NOW. The news comes from Video Games Chronicle, which confirmed that alpha testers have already been given the privilege of trying out Microsoft’s new Chromium-powered Edge variant on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles, which maintains the same level of compatibility offered by its traditional desktop counterpart. That means Xbox users can leverage the browser to run web applications ranging from the aforementioned game streaming services to chat apps such as Discord.

“Crucially, GeForce Now’s compatibility means that Xbox players can stream many of their Steam games to their console, including PlayStation console exclusive Death Stranding, and ray-traced enabled versions of Cybperunk 2077, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and more,” Video Games Chronicle reported. “GeForce Now also supports the Epic Games Store, which means users can stream its store exclusives including Hitman 3, Fortnite and Rogue Company.”

“GeForce Now is available for free, as well as via a subscription for faster access and RTX support. The service differs from other services such as Google’s Stadia by allowing players to stream their existing Steam and Epic Game Store libraries onto a number of devices such as smartphones or laptops. It was confirmed on Sunday that the new Edge Chromium-powered browser can run Google Stadia, allowing console users to stream its library of games.”

A YouTuber by the name of Joe Chip has shared a video that demonstrates how Xbox users who have updated to the new Edge browser can play Steam games on Microsoft’s consoles via NVIDIA GeForce NOW. The feature seems to work well enough, but certain games such as Quake II RTX might pose a problem due to Edge’s lack of mouse support.

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