First Intel Core i5-11600KF and Core i5-11400F Benchmarks Leaked

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Benchmarks for two of Intel’s more mainstream Rocket Lake-S processors, the Core i5-11600KF and Core i5-11400F, have leaked courtesy of a reviewer on China’s Chip Hell forums. While there are no distinct gaming tests here, the metrics do provide an early peek at the CPUs’ potential performance via various Cinebench, 3DMark, and CPU-Z tests, as well as AIDA64 runs for gauging power consumption. Intel’s Core i5-11600KF and Core i5-11400F are iGPU-less 6C/12T processors that can purportedly boost up to 4.9 GHz and 4.4 GHz, respectively.

“[…] compared with the previous generation of 10400F and 10600KF, the frequency is only slightly improved,” the reviewer determined, noting that power consumption in the Rocket Lake-S generation appears to have increased significantly. “Enthusiastic Citizen’s” testing rig comprised a GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS Ultra motherboard, 16 GB of ZADAK SPARK RGB DDR4-3600 memory, an Antec HCG-X1000 PSU, and a triple-fan AIO kit from PC Cooler (GI-CX360 ARGB).

Theoretical Performance Tests

Temperature Power Consumption Tests

“Regardless of whether the AVX3 is turned off in the BIOS for the two CPUs, the power consumption and heating of the burn-in are exactly the same,” the reviewer added. “I [also] tested the overclocking of 11600KF. 4.8 GHz is basically the limit. 4.9 GHz needs 1.4V to enter the desktop stably.”

“The current BIOS still has a lot of room for optimization, so I did not test [any games] this time. After the BIOS is perfected, I will compare and evaluate the CPUs [and] supplement the game performance test.”

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