Microsoft Reportedly Launching Windows 10X This Year

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Microsoft will reportedly launch its modernized and stripped-down variant of Windows 10, Windows 10X, later this year. The time frame of release stems from Windows Central, whose sources claim that the first Windows 10X PCs should begin shipping in the second half of 2021. Windows 10X is a completely rebuilt version of Windows 10 that features a cleaner user interface and lack of legacy components.

“According to my sources, earlier this year the company decided to push the launch of Windows 10X back a bit more to ensure the product is ready and robust for a smooth release,” Windows Central’s Zac Bowden wrote. “I believe Microsoft is now aiming to sign-off on a shipping build of Windows 10X in late spring, and hopes to have the first single-screen PCs begin shipping later in the second half of this year.”

“Some may wonder if this extra development time will enable the company to add back local Win32 app support; a feature it removed as the company refocused the product on low-end PCs. I’m told that local Win32 app support will still not be part of Windows 10X at launch, as the company will be pushing Windows Virtual Desktop and Cloud PC as streaming solutions for legacy apps instead.”

Microsoft originally unveiled Windows 10X alongside its new foldable Surface Neo and Surface Duo devices in October 2019. The lightweight operating system was initially designed for dual-screen PCs, but the company changed course last year when Panos Panay and other executives opted to focus on single-screen Windows 10X devices instead.

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