Super Nintendo World Opens in Osaka

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Image: Nintendo

After numerous pandemic-related delays, Super Nintendo World opened in Osaka on March 18. Attending the event was GK USJ President JL Bonnier, “Father of Mario” Shigeru Miyamoto, as well as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad. With a hefty price tag of 3.57 billion yuan (around $538 million), it’s a big investment. Measures such as masks, reduced occupancy, and limited ticket sales have been implemented due to COVID-19.

The Mario Kart-themed “Koopa’s Challenge” and “Yoshi’s Adventure” are the only rides currently open, but there are many other attractions. The park’s virtual experience is up and running, and when visitors enter the park, they can connect to a mobile app to activate a wristband. They can then earn virtual gold coins by completing activities similar to those seen in Mario games.

Super Nintendo World includes many iconic scenes from the long-running and immensely popular Mario franchise. There are even merchandise shops and themed restaurants.

Peter Brosdahl
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