Acer Reports Strong Financials for FY2020

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Image: Acer

Acer has published its FY2020 financials, which include some startling results. It had gross profits of NT$30.12 billion for the full year and an operating income of NT$8.94 billion, resulting in 190.3 percent YOY growth. This led its board of directors to approve an increased dividend of NT$1.5 per share, an increase of 93.1 percent from the previous year. A previous report detailed the impressive fiscal gains.

• Gaming line[1] by 91.3%  in February, and by 102.4% year-to-date (YTD)

• Chromebooks by 631.3% in February, and by 454.7% YTD

• Monitors by 56.7% in February, and by 69.9% YTD

• Desktops by 34.3% in February, and by 25.9% YTD

• Creator PCs by 288.4% in February, and by 263.0% YTD

[1] Acer’s gaming line includes desktops, notebooks, and monitors

Acer’s Chromebook line showed a stellar rise in sales with an increase of 631.3 percent in February. These sales could be attributed to increased demand for low-cost devices during the pandemic, as schools scrambled to keep students and staff connected from home. Creator PCs and Desktops also saw a slight increase at 288.4 percent and 34.3 percent respectively. The rest of its lineup saw slight decreases but maintained significant numbers.

Despite the recent ransomware attack, Acer is moving forward with a strategy to expand its business with subsidiaries such as AOPEN, Acer Cyber Security, and Acer Synergy Tech. These have also reported YOY growth. Two others, Weblink International and Acer e-Enabling Business, are planned to be listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange and the Taipei Exchange this year.

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