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MSI’s graphics cards are set to get even more expensive. This is according to company chairman Joseph Hsu, who confirmed during a recent investors conference that the manufacturer would be increasing the prices of its GPUs to reflect tight supply that’s expected to persist until the end of the year. MSI saw profits that were weaker than anticipated in the fourth quarter of 2020.

“[…] Hsu said that the appreciation of Taiwan’s currency, worse product mixes, delayed marine shipment schedules, increasing transportation expenses and surging marketing expenses for year-end holidays all added up to the company’s overall quarterly costs,” DigiTimes noted in its coverage. “However, MSI’s profits in 2020 still managed to reach the highest-ever annual level.”

“MSI saw net profits rise 42 percent on year to arrive at NT $7.96 billion (US $276.97 million) in 2020 with EPS hitting NT $9.42, up from 2019’s NT $6.61. System products including notebooks, desktops and monitors contributed 43 percent of MSI’s 2020 consolidated revenues, while components such as motherboards and graphics cards accounted for 53 percent and other product lines 4 percent.”

MSI’s decision to increase the pricing of its graphics cards is the latest dismal chapter of the current GPU generation, which continues to be burdened by relatively extravagant costs and lack of availability. Many of MSI’s higher-performing models, such as the Radeon RX 6800 XT GAMING X TRIO and GeForce RTX 3080 SUPRIM, are already listed for over $1,000 at popular storefronts such as Newegg.

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  1. Aww, that’s sad. I will wait for the sales bin, or purchase the better deal from another vendor till there troubles even out.

  2. “Because we can”

    Not like anyone can reasonably buy them right now anyway. May as well crank the price to the moon

  3. When our retail partners are able to nearly double the msrp of our products and consistently sell out we have found we have undervalued what we are selling. So we are increasing the cost of our cards to better reflect current market trends.

    That is a more accurate reflection of what they are doing.

  4. This is why GPU prices will never come back down. Once they get a taste of that extra revenue they won’t let go of it.

  5. Prt of the issue is large swaths of the tech buyers never lost their jobs or had a reduction in income yet as getting government stimulus so they are more easily justifying cost of these cards. Once that money dries up card prices will have to come back down. Yet as the poster above said this will not be immediate.

  6. I’m calling it now, but prices are not going to come back down. Unless the feds intervene with a “Price Fixing” sledgehammer like they did against the RAM manufacturers, we will never see the prices of these cards come back down to earth.

    1. This has nothing to do with price fixing. This is a tariff issue and a supply/demand issue.

      If there was an abundance of graphics cards and they suddenly all (both NVIDIA & AMD) went up in price by $100, that would be cause for an investigation.

  7. MSI is the worst out of the bunch with ASUS right behind them when it comes to pricing. Glad I didn’t wait for a SUPRIM. Instead I got a hybrid 3090 for $400 less. EVGA is an American-based company, so I’d rather support them anyway.

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