You Can Mine Bitcoin Using a Game Boy

Image: CC

Nobody in their right mind should use a Game Boy to mine bitcoins (BTC), but it’s technically possible. YouTuber stacksmashing demonstrated the 8-bit handheld’s hidden ability over the weekend by publishing a video that shows how the Game Boy can mine the premier cryptocurrency with the help of a Raspberry Pi Pico, which costs just $4. The only problem is that it would take a quadrillion years to mine a single BTC.

The modded Game Boy will manage 0.8H/s off its miniscule Sharp LR35902 CPU. That’s hashes per second and not megahashes per second, by the way. The S19 Pro gobbles up 3,250W, though, so the Game Boy’s four AA batteries may make it just a little less power hungry. It’s not very efficient, though. The Game Boy was at least perfectly capable of mining a custom empty Bitcoin blockchain with a very low difficulty. Success!

Sources: stacksmashing, PC Gamer

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