CD PROJEKT RED Announces New Development Strategy Following Cyberpunk 2077’s Disappointing Launch

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As part of a lengthy corporate video published today, CD PROJEKT RED announced that it will approach the development of its future AAA projects differently due to the disappointing launch of its open-world sci-fi RPG, Cyberpunk 2077. President and Joint CEO Adam Kiciński noted that CD PROJEKT RED would begin leveraging cross-functional teams that will work on its Cyberpunk and Witcher IPs simultaneously, which, when coupled with outsourcing, should help the developer better meet its release targets and avoid problems such as unexpected delays. Kiciński also confirmed that CD PROJEKT RED would no longer be teasing projects years in advance.

“We have learned many things from our marketing and PR campaigns for Cyberpunk 2077 and see things that need to change in the future,” CD Projekt Red exec Michał Nowakowski said. “Going forward, future marketing campaigns will be much shorter, we’ll wait until much closer to a game’s launch before we start showing things like trailers, demos or going in-depth about mechanics, etc.”

Sources: CD PROJEKT RED, Eurogamer

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