Image: Lucasfilm

Lucasfilm has released the first official trailer for its newest Star Wars animated streaming series, Star Wars: The Bad Batch. As its title might imply, the show revolves around the same group of elite and experimental clones that was originally introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, tracing their adventures and exploits following the end of the Clone War era. Star Wars: The Bad Batch’s premiere episode runs for 70 minutes and will be available to stream exclusively on Disney+ beginning on May 4.

The cold and calculating Tarkin opens the trailer, praising the Bad Batch’s skills while expressing concern about their individuality. Meanwhile, the Bad Batch seem to enjoy their droid-destroying workout. Taken together, it’s a great setup for the series and personalities involved: the uniformity and fascism of the soon-to-be Empire, and how that brushes up against the rebellious nature of Clone Force 99.

Source: Lucasfilm

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  1. I’m a bit burned out on Clone Wars stuff/era but at least, to me, it seems better than the last cartoon Disney had for the most recent trilogy.

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