Cyberpunk 2077’s Latest Patch Introduces Invisible Weapons, Permanent Sandstorms, and Other Strange Issues


Despite comprising an essay’s worth of bug fixes and optimizations, CD PROJEKT RED’s latest patch for Cyberpunk 2077 has managed to introduce a whole new set of embarrassing problems. This is according to various complaints and videos shared on reddit’s r/cyberpunkgame, which allude to very odd bugs ranging from weapons turning invisible, cars going insane and driving indefinitely in circles, and weather glitches that result in Night City being trapped in a permanent sandstorm. Cyberpunk 2077’s 1.2 patch has also reportedly failed to fix some major ongoing bugs, such as floating NPCs and players being randomly thrown hundreds of meters from where they’re standing.

Post-patch, I still get the bug where I’m suddenly thrown hundreds of meters away from the spot I was standing. I still regularly see NPCs floating in the air. I still see those ridiculous 2D cars that are supposed to simulate traffic at a distance, and I still see them in places where there’s no need to simulate traffic at a distance. I still can’t get the second part of the vending machine quest to kick off, despite the quest marker pointing me to the spot I need to go to kick it off. I don’t have any mod conflicts, either—this is a completely clean install of the patched game. It’s just still heavily broken.

Sources: Hardware Info, PC Gamer

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