Dying Light 2 Developers Provide Technical Updates

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Image: Techland

Wccftech recently interviewed Techland about Dying Light 2. Techland said that moving to C-Engine has allowed a number of improvements such as ray tracing, DLSS, city exploration without loading screens, and better use of multi-core processors. The AI in C-Engine has allowed more complex, realistic character behavior and more diverse crowd deployment. New city builder technology allowed Techland to build a map that is estimated to be four times bigger than the original game.

We’ve upgraded almost every core system of the engine. The new Game Components system allows us to pack a magnitude of objects into the levels. The World Streaming technology lets players explore our vast city without loading screens. We’ve upgraded our physics engine to the Bullet Physics featured in some of the most popular open world blockbusters. The brand-new animation and facial expressions system allow us to present lifelike characters. Thanks to the new Artificial Intelligence system, they not only look but also behave realistically. The Audio system has been upgraded to WWise, which led to more immersive sound design and support for interactive music. The new Story System allows for branching narratives and large-scale changes in the world that players can shape through their choices.

Source: Wccftech

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