GTA VI Could Feature Massive “Project Americas” Map

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Image: Rockstar Games

A 4chan user who claims to have a connection to Rockstar Games claims that Grand Theft Auto VI, which is purportedly code named “Project America,” will feature an extensive map. The title refers to how GTA VI could span six cities across multiple states. The person states that Take-Two Interactive has been hard at work on the game for the last ten years, even during crunch times for Red Dead Redemption 2. They also emphasize that GTA VI will have an online mode.

The latest leak reported by Dexerto comes from a 4chan post, and it further clashes with the “Project Americas” leak. The anonymous 4chan user posted on March 29 that “There will be a total of 5 contiguous ‘cities’ across 5 states,” and “There is a 6th city in another location…” “Project Americas” mentions only a few cities: Vice City, an unnamed city based on Rio de Janeiro, and some Liberty City appearances. Both leakers claim to have some connection to Rockstar.

Sources: Dextero, Screen Rant

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