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Denuvo has often been criticized for slowing down the performance of PC games, but the popular anti-cheat technology that’s commonly leveraged by publishers to prevent piracy actually does no such thing. This is according to the software’s Austria-based developers, who spoke with Torrent Freak in a new interview and clarified that Denuvo has no effect on game performance. In fact, the team is so confident about this that it brought up benchmarks and guaranteed that the DRM has no impact on the in-game experience.

“We guarantee to our customers (game development studios) that it’s not the case. We do this by benchmarking the game before/after applying our technologies (and they also see it for themselves). […] Sadly there is, in general, a lot of secrecy expectations from our customers, and that even includes the ability to mention which studios or which games we are providing security technologies for. It makes it therefore pretty hard for us to defend ourselves in practice. That being said, I can refer you to these independent testings (1,2).”

Source: Torrent Freak

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  1. We promise the additional overhead to make sure that you’re not doing things you’re not supposed to every 10th of a second you’re playing the high intensity game that will max out all your CPU can do, will NOT hinder performance… I mean… any more than expected… and really you probably won’t notice anyway… what are you gaming on a potato?

  2. It depends.

    By necessity any anti-cheat service will need to consume RAM, CPU Cycles and network bandwidth.

    If your system is already struggling with any of these, then it sure as hell isn’t going to make things better.

    If – like most high end systems – you are GPU limited in game, and have spare CPU cores and RAM and a fast network connection, I bet it can be done without a performance impact. it’s the low end systems that likely will see any problems.

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