NVIDIA Enables RTX Voice Support for GeForce GTX Graphics Cards


NVIDIA’s RTX Voice app has received an update that allows GeForce GTX graphics cards owners to take advantage of its AI-based noise removal technology. While RTX Voice could previously be hacked to support non-RTX graphics cards, users with older GeForce GPUs will no longer have to go through the trouble of locating and editing the app’s RTXVoice.nvi file to enable the functionality. NVIDIA RTX Voice supports a variety of popular streaming, gaming, and video conferencing apps such as OBS Studio, Discord, and Twitch Studio.

[…] if you own an RTX 20-series or RTX-30 series graphics card, you’re better going off going with its successor, RTX Broadcast, which includes RTX Voice and a webcam feature that allows you to set up virtual backgrounds when streaming or video chatting. Plus, it’s doubtful that RTX Voice will receive ongoing updates, unlike RTX Broadcast. 

Source: NVIDIA, Tom’s Hardware

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