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AMD is reportedly planning a refreshed version of its X570 chipset that will ditch the arguably unsightly fans for a quiet, passive cooling solution. This is according to recent filings submitted to the EEC by popular manufacturer GIGABYTE, which list a variety of “X570S” motherboards for the flagship AORUS family. YouTuber Moore’s Law Is Dead has clarified that the new “S” designation stands for “silent”; the new X570S chipset is expected to boast higher efficiency. He also shut down previous speculation that suggested this refresh would complement AMD’s rumored Zen 3+ CPU refresh, “Warhol.”

Later this year AMD is rumored to launch its Zen3+ series codenamed Warhol. Little is known about these series yet, except that they should provide a performance uplift from matured manufacturing of Zen3 cores. In fact, AMD might not even call them Zen3+ although that’s what the rumors have been suggesting for a while now. It is worth noting that last year AMD already did a similar refresh of its Zen2 cores with Mattise Refresh aka Ryzen 3000XT.

Sources: ESA (1, 2), @KOMACHI_ENSAKA, VideoCardz

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