Intel Launches Third-Gen Xeon Scalable Processors

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Image: Intel

Intel has launched what it’s calling the world’s most advanced performance data center platform, the third-gen Xeon Scalable processor series. Code named “Ice Lake,” Intel’s new family of 10-nanometer chips is said to deliver performance increases of up to 46 percent on select data center workloads while leveraging new SGX, Crypto Acceleration, and DL Boost technologies for improved security and AI acceleration. At the top of the stack is the 8380, a 40-core chip with all-core turbo of 3.0 GHz and TDP of 270 watts.

Leveraging Intel 10 nanometer (nm) process technology, the latest 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors deliver up to 40 cores per processor and up to 2.65 times higher average performance gain compared with a 5-year-old system. The platform supports up to 6 terabytes of system memory per socket, up to 8 channels of DDR4-3200 memory per socket and up to 64 lanes of PCIe Gen4 per socket.

Source: Intel

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