Intel’s Flagship 4th Gen Xeon “Sapphire Rapids” Scalable Processor to Feature 56 Cores, 350 Watt TDP

Image: Intel

Intel’s 4th generation of Xeon Scalable Processors will be headlined by a flagship SKU that’s even more power hungry than the recently unveiled 3rd Gen Xeon 8380. This is according to a road map and specifications slide leaked by VideoCardz, which suggests that blue team’s next top server chip will feature a max TDP of 350 watts—80 watts higher than the current flagship’s 270 watts. It will, however, boast a higher core count of 56 cores vs. the 8380’s 40 cores. AMD’s EPYC 7003 flagship, the 7763, features 64 cores and a default TDP of 280 watts.

Intel 4th Gen Xeon Scalable will support DDR5 up to 4800 MHz (1 DIMM per channel). The platform will support up to 80 PCI Express lanes. According to the slide, the CPUs will support PCI Gen5 x16, x8, x4, and PCI Gen4 x2. Unlike the previous Xeon CPUs series, Sapphire Rapids will introduce on-package 64GB HBM2 memory with bandwidth up to 1 TB/s per socket.

Sources: VideoCardz, Intel

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