Indie Developer Releases Free Demo for Tremors: The Game

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Indie developer Stefano Cagnani (Zona Ste90) has been working on a solo project in Unreal Engine 4 called Tremors: The Game. This is not associated with the canceled project in 2002 from Rock Solid Studios. Players start off in the desert environment seen in the original movie. Using keyboard and mouse controls, they must avoid surfacing Graboids. Players can survive by climbing rocks and roofs of buildings to shoot the hungry critters. A free 640 MB demo can be downloaded on Cagnani’s website or Game Jolt. He’s also working on an update called Tremors 2, which will have Shriekers.

—– Controls KEYBOARD ——

WASD – Move

Spacebar – Jump (near object to Climbs)

C – Crouch

E – Roll

Mouse R – Aim

Mouse L – Shoot

R- Reload (automatic)

ESC – Exit

Sources: Tremors – The Game, Game Jolt, DSOG

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