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It’s been nearly half a decade since Paramount Pictures released its last Star Trek film, Justin Lin’s Star Trek Beyond, but fans will have to wait two more years before the popular science-fiction franchise returns to the big screen. This is according to new tentative release dates shared by Deadline, which list an untitled Star Trek movie for June 9, 2023. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any real information on what the film will be about or whether it’ll even be set in the new Kelvin time line that was established by J.J. Abram’s 2009 reboot.

The most recent Trek movie news was that a movie was being written by Kalinda Vazquez, a producer and writer on Star Trek: Discovery, with J.J. Abrams set to produce. However, a source close to the project told io9 this is not the Vazquez script. It is, however, a separate J.J. Abrams-produced Trek film but all detail beyond that remains top secret. So we have no idea if the story will be told in the Kelvin timeline, which is the timeline the previous Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto movies took place in, have something to do with the new shows, or what.

Sources: Deadline, Gizmodo

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  1. Ugh. So long as JJ, Bad Robot or Secret Hideout have anything to do with it, I’d expect a soggy shit sandwich.

  2. Star Trek is beyond redemption, now they are openly and unironically promoting communism on [URL=’’][/URL], I wish I was joking.

  3. I have grown tired of Kelvin timeline. First one was OK but downhill after that. I don’t hate the actors/characters so much, just the writing has been sub-par. Beyond was just bad. I wonder if they will try something different…

  4. I rather enjoyed the Kelvin timeline movies, once I shut out all the agenda virtue signaling injected here and there.

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