NVIDIA to Give Away GeForce RTX GPUs and More during GTC 2021 Sweepstakes

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NVIDIA fans have uncovered the URL to a new sweepstakes hidden in one of green team’s new GTC videos, which hid the message/file path “hidden treasure” in the blinking lights of a neuron model as Morse code. Among the prizes are a GeForce RTX A6000 GPU, three GeForce RTX 3090 GPUs, SHIELD TV PROs, and NVIDIA-branded scientific rulers. To win the prizes, contestants can watch GTC 2021 and tweet the treasures they find by April 14.

Watch closely, and if you see anything out of the ordinary let us know! There may be rewards waiting…

To participate: Tweet the hidden treasures you find (and the timestamp where you found them in the keynote) to @NVIDIAGTC and use the hashtag #GTCTreasure.

We’ll be watching for your answers and will award a few coveted items (like a GeForce RTX 3090!) to a selection of winners who find at least one of our top hidden treasures.

Look again at the visual that brought some of you here in the first place. You may find more hidden treasure…

Good luck, and most importantly, have fun.

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