Outriders Filling Up Some Gamers’ Hard Drives With 20-Plus Gigabytes of Crash Dumps

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Image: People Can Fly

Outriders players who feel as if they’ve lost a disproportionate amount of hard drive space after installing Square Enix and People Can Fly’s new cooperative role-playing third-person game may not be imagining things. As demonstrated by r/outriders’ Toasteroven47, there appears to be a problem in which Outriders continually generates extensive crash reports, which could result in a ton of wasted storage. In Toasteroven47’s case, those files amounted to a ridiculous 23 GB of SSD space. Outriders players are encouraged to get rid of these crash dumps; they can be safely deleted.

I poked around in my own AppData folder to see if any other games have been secretly hoarding crash data, but even games that I know crashed a lot (looking at you, Generation Zero) have only kept a few tiny logs. The biggest crash dump I could find is from The Medium, and it’s 100 MB. I deleted it. Those are my 100 MBs.

Sources: r/outriders, PC Gamer

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