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Microsoft has announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire speech recognition and healthcare AI solutions and services leader Nuance Communications. The deal, which is estimated to be worth around $16 billion ($19 billion including debt), will augment Microsoft’s ability to assist medical professionals through its existing cloud-based healthcare solution, Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare. Nuance’s technologies and expertise will also be used to bolster Azure, Teams, Dynamics 365, and other Microsoft cloud products.

“Nuance provides the AI layer at the healthcare point of delivery and is a pioneer in the real-world application of enterprise AI,” said Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft. “AI is technology’s most important priority, and healthcare is its most urgent application. Together, with our partner ecosystem, we will put advanced AI solutions into the hands of professionals everywhere to drive better decision-making and create more meaningful connections, as we accelerate growth of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare and Nuance.”

Source: Microsoft, CNBC

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  1. I just want good voice recognition for my irc chat programs.. I mean for icq.. I mean for msn… I mean for powow.. I mean for.. I think you get the idea.

  2. Good. Maybe they can fix it. Dragon is an absolutely nightmare to support. And it would be nice if they could make it GPU accelerated. Such a CPU hog when transcribing.

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