FCC Asks Public to Use Its Internet Speed Test App

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Image: FCC

The FCC is encouraging people to use its internet speed test app so it can collect more accurate data for broadband deployment as part of its Measuring Broadband America program. According to the agency, user’s privacy and confidentiality will be protected. Released in 2013, it reports on data usage, latency, packet loss, speed, and includes a data limiter. The app is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. The app reports speed metrics comparable to apps such as Ookla.

Image: FCC

“To close the gap between digital haves and have nots, we are working to build a comprehensive, user-friendly dataset on broadband availability,” Acting FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel said in a statement. “Expanding the base of consumers who use the FCC Speed Test app will enable us to provide improved coverage information to the public and add to the measurement tools we’re developing to show where broadband is truly available throughout the United States.”

Sources: FCC, Gizmodo

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