Capcom Unveils New Trailer, Mercenaries Game Mode, and Multiplatform Demo Details for Resident Evil Village

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Image: Capcom

During this evening’s Resident Evil showcase event, Capcom shared some new information pertaining to the eighth installment of its heavily anticipated survival horror series, Resident Evil Village. In addition to a fourth trailer providing new footage of key characters such as Chris Redfield and vampire antagonist Lady Dimitrescu, Capcom revealed that Resident Evil Village would see the return of the franchise’s action-oriented The Mercenaries game mode, which challenges players to take down enemies within a certain period of time with the help of bonus skills such as increased firepower and speed boosts. Capcom also confirmed that it would be releasing new Resident Evil Village gameplay demos for all platforms.

The demo only needs to be downloaded once, and will only be available for three windows of availability at specific dates and times, so check out the [details] below for more information on when you can play.

30 Minute Demos (PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4)
Village: April 17th, 5 PM to April 18th, 1 AM (Pacific Time)
Castle: April 24th, 5 PM to April 25th, 1 AM PDT (Pacific Time)

60 Minute Demo (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Steam, Stadia)
Village & Castle: May 1st, 5 PM to May 2nd, 5 PM (Pacific Time)

Source: Capcom

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