NVIDIA and MediaTek Exploring ARM-Based Gaming Laptops with GeForce RTX Graphics


NVIDIA and chip giant MediaTek are working together on bringing ARM-based gaming laptops with GeForce RTX graphics technology to the market. This is according to MediaTek CEO Rick Tsai, who released a statement confirming that the companies had partnered to enable the power of green team’s RTX GPUs on future ARM laptops via a new reference platform supporting Chromium, Linux, and NVIDIA SDKs (software development kits). NVIDIA’s interest in making ARM-based GeForce RTX laptops a reality isn’t too surprising based on its intent to acquire Arm Ltd.; the company even showed off a new ARM-based chip named Grace during this week’s ongoing GTC 2021 event.

“MediaTek is the world’s largest supplier of ARM chips, used to power everything from smartphones, Chromebooks, and smart TVs,” MediaTek CEO Rick Tsai said in a statement. “We look forward to using our technology and working with NVIDIA to bring the power of GPUs to the ARM PC platform for gaming, content creation and much more. GPU acceleration will be a huge boost for the entire ARM ecosystem.”

Sources: Engadget, PC Gamer

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