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Bethesda is introducing a new system to The Elder Scrolls Online that will allow players of the online MMORPG to earn loot box items without paying real-world money. Endeavors, as the system is called, comprises various tasks ranging from stealing/pickpocketing items to defeating certain monsters that, when completed, rewards gold, experience, or a new currency called Seals of Endeavor that can be used to purchase Crown Crate (i.e., loot box) items. It appears that Bethesda had no choice but to add this system due to its acquisition by Microsoft and integration into Xbox Game Studios, which includes a policy mandating that items can always be earned through gameplay.

“Items in loot boxes can always be earned through play. All items available through paid loot boxes in our games will also be available through unpaid opportunity by gameplay (i.e. grinding).” Of course, Microsoft recently completed its $7.5bn acquisition of Bethesda, which operates The Elder Scrolls Online. The Endeavors system brings ESO in-line with its new parent company’s loot box rules.

Sources: Elder Scrolls Online, Microsoft, Eurogamer

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  1. So this is a feature now? I thought earning items in a game without spending real money should be a given.
  2. I can only think of two storefronts that require this or similar: Xbox, and Apple Arcade

    Apple must be no cash transactions, since they pay to the dev. SOE used to do the same thing when they offered F2P editions of their MMOs

    That said, they don’t stipulate how much time it takes to grind out in-game – it’s usually fairly ridiculous… Possible, but not practical.

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